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Broken Wings Literacy Center

Our Mission

Broken Wings Literacy Center was created through ​the needs of children living in poverty stricken ​environments. Our hope is to enhance every child's ​opportunity to receive educational support services ​and mental health services.

BrokenWings Literacy Center

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How can we fly without the wings of education.


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The development of Broken Wings Literacy Center, Inc., began in September of 2010 after the founder and CEO, Natasha Harris, experienced success in helping one of her children who was identifed as a child with a specific learning disability. Learning this, led to her once joyful and positive child to developing depression.

In 2009, Natasha prepared for another school year witnessing her 12 year old child have challenges academicallhy. While her twin sister Tamar excelled, Toshianna fell further behind in reading, math, and social development. As the owner and operator of Kid R’ Us Day Care, Natasha worked with other children and prepared them for success. Shecontinue to watch Toshianna’s teachers, school counselor, and principal pass her from one grade to the next year after year, under the “No Child Left Behind” Act, while lacking the building blocks needed for sucessful school years. Natasha, refused to continue to watch her child’s self-esteem decline so, retained an attorney and demanded Toshianna be tested before beginning another school year.

After an extension evaluation, serious learning gaps where discovered. It was founded that Toshianna reading on a 3rd grade level and comprehending mathematics on a 4th grade level. Testing also identified Toshianna suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The schools solution was to place Toshianna who was then in the 5th grade in a 3rd grade reading class, a 4th grade math class, and on medication to treat the ADD. Natasha’s solution was to correct the learning gaps, obtain counseling for the Attention Deficit Disorder, and increase involvement in extra-curricular activities to harness the excessive energy.

Natasha reviewed the academic requirements for all grade levels and proceeded to test Toshianna in each skill. Once specific learning gaps were identified, Natasha provided tutors who worked with Toshianna after school until she understood and mastered that particular skill and so forth. Applying this “assess and tutor” method of learning, helped Toshianna advance to a 6th grade math and reading level in one year. This advancement, also boost her self-esteem. At his point, Toshiana understood “why she had trouble learning”. After working with Toshianna throughout the summer months, Natasha was able to help her start 7th grade on 7th grade level in reading and mathematics.

Counseling and activities helped Toshianna learn various ways to cope and function with ADD. Also, involving here in extra-curricular activities such as, track, dance, journaling, and cooking provided outlets that helped Toshianna learn how to re-channel her high energy and it cause an increase in her self-esteem.

Natasha later learned that thousands of children experienced intellectual and specific learning disabilities wasn't identified early during their elementary school days. Natasha truly belives that early prevention is the key to children's future success. Thus, Broken Wings Literacy Center was created through the needs of children living in poverty stricken environments. Our hope is to enhance every child's opportunity to receive educational support services and mental health services.

Broken Wings

Literacy Center

Natasha Harris

(Founder & CEO)

Natasha Harris is the CEO of Natasha Harris Consulting Firm, Broken Wings Literacy Center, Khalil Harris Re-entry Transitional ​Home, and Anna Harris Group Home for at risk youth. As a passionate educator, parent advocate, and entrepreneur, Natasha grew up in ​the North Philadelphia neighborhood known as the “badlands.” Natasha developed compassion, generosity, and love for others through ​her personal experiences as a foster child and while raising her twin daughters. It was during their elementary school years that Natasha ​began advocating, not just for her daughters but, also for Philadelphia’s children. She tirelessly fought for them to receive supportive ​services that would empower them to learn and grow as individuals.

In 2011 she founded Broken Wings Literacy Center, in order to organize and make an even greater difference in education and ​confronting the issue of literacy. Broken Wings Literacy Center of Philadelphia, PA, is a licensed year round educational program that ​specializes in providing supportive services to at-risk children with learning and behavioral challenges, by identifying and treating gaps ​in academic and social development. Natasha’s advocacy and volunteerism has garnered her various awards including the Community ​Service Award from University of Phoenix and the Olney Charter High School Parent of the Year Award as Parent Teacher Association ​President. She also received Frontline Dads Unsung Hero Award, The Odunde Mother and Daughter Award, Aspira Inc. Parent of the ​Year award, Universal Soul Circus leading lady of the year award and countless others.

To date, Broken Wings Literacy Center has won over forty community service awards in various areas.

Natasha is an innovative business owner, who is currently serving diverse organizations in and around the city of Philadelphia such as ​Zion Baptist church, Department of Human Services, Path to Greatness, Kingdom Life Director of Programs for the Senior Care ​division, National Association of Social Workers, Teach Educate Aspire and Mentor organization as the Vice President board member, ​Barrett Playground Advisory Council, Logan Civic Association, Nicetown CDC, Women’s Journey to Life organization, Department of ​Human Services, University of Phoenix, National Association University of Women and others. Natasha has an A.A. in Human Service ​Management from the University Of Phoenix. As well as being nominated and elected as the Vice President for two years, and currently ​the President of the University of Phoenix Alumni Chapter of Philadelphia. Natasha has five beautiful intelligent daughters who help her ​with her business endeavors, four granddaughters and two grandsons. Her goal is for Broken Wings Literacy Center to become a leading ​voice in the fight for literacy. In 2016 she released her first book” It Will Take Love to Heal These Broken Wings”.

Services Offered By Broken Wings, LLC

  • Comprehensive Behavioral and Educational skills assessment

  • Basic skills instruction (reading, writing, and math)

  • Before and After School Program (homework assistance and tutoring)

  • Day Summer Camp

(supervision, field trips, learning activities, hands on environmental learning opportunities)

  • Mentoring and Life skills

  • General Education Development (GED) instruction

  • Leadership and Development

  • Entrepreneurship and Business development

  • Pre-Employment skills training and job search assistance and placement

  • Work Force Development
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Natasha Harrris



Sturgis Playground 200 W. 65th Avenue #20 Philadelphia Pa 19126

5333 Market Street

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Broken Wings Literacy Center

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Broken Wings Literacy Center provide services year round. Our goal is to continue to provide quality services but we can't do it alone. We need your support. Your donation will help hundreds of families get the services they need and deserve.